World Heritage Project

The World Heritage Project (WHP) is an organization harnessing the power of art and media to tell the story of our planet’s great beauty and need. 

Gathering creative talent from around the globe, WHP celebrates the beauty and diversity of our planet and its people. Through stories and images, we illuminate the heritage behind each person and place.

Why Heritage?

What comes to mind when you think of the word heritage? A history of traditions, the cultures we come from, beautiful places on our planet. Or perhaps it inspires images of dusty old books on a shelf or a word from the past.

At The World Heritage Project we believe heritage is living and active. Heritage is created by the decisions we make each day. Heritage is not only about places but also people. What we buy, build, or discard today are decisions that powerfully impact our planet and shape the future.  

A Heritage of Hope

The heritage we seek to hand down to the next generation is one that deeply values all people and celebrates the beauty of our fragile planet.

Heritage is a gift from the past and a commitment to make good choices today to create a heritage of hope for tomorrow.

Join us as we...

Seek Truth

Celebrate Beauty

Communicate Need


There is inherent beauty in the people and places of our world. When we fully inhabit each moment, we encounter beauty in new ways. To truly notice beauty, one must take time to look deeply.

Our world is full of beauty, but we often miss it, living as we do in an age of distraction. It is easy to neglect beauty in our daily lives. It is easy to live as if beauty does not matter.  

Clouds – When is the last time you lay on the ground gazing up at the beauty of clouds like you did when you were young on a beautiful summer day?
Florida - One of life’s great pleasures is to slip smoothly through the silent realm of water. A way to enjoy beauty in motion.
Canada – Every newborn child contains the potential for beauty and the birth of whole new worlds.
Jordan - The stern indifference of the desert contains an austere beauty that has captivated people from time immemorial.
New York - The painting these young women are looking at is like a mirror through time reflecting the beauty and simplicity of their lives.
India - Beauty and strength are evident in the face of this woman. Her calm gaze belies her pain, having to raise five children on her own.
The Himalayas - Beauty takes many forms. The lines etched indelibly upon this grandmother’s face reflect the rich experience of a long life.

Why Beauty?

We derive pleasure from beauty. Without these moments of beauty, we cannot thrive

Beauty matters. The longing for beauty is a universal need. When we live as if beauty is not important, we suffer.

Why Need?

As beautiful as the world is, it can be a dark place.  Feeling lost and alone is a common human experience. We often need illumination. Without light we can lose our way.

The world’s need, often hidden in the shadows, emerges when we shine light on the world’s beauty. Wherever beauty is, need is close behind.

Need in Ukraine

Ukrainians are fighting to defend and uphold our shared values: peace, freedom, and democracy.

If you’d like to support Ukraine and its culture, The World Heritage Project will donate 100% of any financial contributions made to help Ukrainians in their time of need.


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