World maps teach us about heritage and culture

world maps

Learn about the world issues by using world maps and the World Heritage Project

World maps are both fascinating and intriguing to look at. They show someone just how large our world really is and how many cultures there are within it. They show a history of culture movement and country formations as well as different landmarks.

The amount of information that can be discovered from a world map is endless. The photographers associated with the World Heritage Project are highly aware of the need to preserve historic sites and the cultures within them. The photographers have taken a first-hand look at world maps showing these areas in efforts to bring the issues of education, environmental issues and cultural heritage issues to light.

Within each part of world maps lies a culture that may be completely different to our norms, but is nonetheless is of great importance to our world as a whole. It is these pieces of culture and heritage that make up the world we live in. Through photographs, international attention can be brought to issues that are being experienced in these cultures. Through artistic expressions like film, music and photography, we can clearly see the beauty that is often overlooked in our vast world.

A selection of the finest photography is now available for sale from the World Heritage Project, in the form of posters, greeting cards, calendars, and many other products. A portion from the sale of each item will be given directly to the communities pictured to help with the preservation of culture, heritage, to increase education and protect their environments.  These cultures growing across world maps are brought to life, experienced and celebrated by the World Heritage Project, and are now being offered to you to for the same reasons.

Next time you look at world maps, think about the cultures and diversity our world has to offer.