World Heritage Sites

There are places on our planet of great natural and cultural beauty. They speak of the enduring spirit of creation. Reaching beyond us, they transcend the here and now, linking us to our past while guiding us into the future. They are the WORLD HERITAGE SITES. They are our inheritance.

The United Nations educational, scientific and cultural arm (UNESCO) grants special World Heritage designation to sites that are considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.

These sites are as unique and diverse as the Serengeti, the Pyramids of Egypt, the city of Venice, the megaliths of Stonehenge and the Central Amazon.

They are truly our greatest treasure and represent the shared inheritance of the human race. There are currently more than 800 World Heritage sites in over 130 countries around the world. These sites are our living history. Without an appreciation of the relationship which exists between ourselves and these places we are in danger of losing not only our cultural identities but also our most treasured natural landscapes.

The message of the World Heritage sites is simple: the degree to which we value the beauty of the natural and cultural diversity of our planet will be the degree to which we honour and protect it.

Browse the official website of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre or browse for the complete list of World Heritage sites categorized by country.

The following is a small sample of these sites:

Banff National Park
The Galapagos Islands
Amazon Conservation Complex
Victoria Falls
Kilimanjaro National Park
Grand Canyon

Taj Mahal
The Great Wall of China
The Acropolis
Vatican City
Machu Picchu
The Great Pyramids