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unique graduation gifts

Find out how the World Heritage Project can help you find unique graduation gifts

Unique graduation gifts are becoming increasingly harder to find in a world consumed with spending. People often find themselves asking the question, “What do I buy for the kid who already has everything?” The task of coming up with unique graduation gifts can become unnecessarily stressful and burdensome.

Personalized items can make for great and unique graduation gifts. These items might include: a leather portfolio; a briefcase; a professional datebook; a laptop; or an engraved pen. If your graduate is moving into a new home and living independently following graduation, then anything that can be used around a new house is a great gift.

High school graduates most likely require different kids of unique graduation gifts. These might include: subscriptions to reputable newspapers and/or magazines; books to help students get ready for the college years ahead of them; or a new laptop computer or cell phone.

For some truly unique graduation gifts, visit the World Heritage Project at The World Heritage Project (WHP) is a not-for-profit media organization passionate about preserving the beauty of our planet’s natural and cultural diversity. The World Heritage Project's line of high-end products, including: framed art, posters, calendars, DVDs, and audio CDs of world music, are aimed at celebrating the people and places of 830 sites in 130 different countries. 

Whether it's college or high school, the best kinds of unique graduation gifts aim to help make the student's post-graduation transition easy and stress-free.