Unique Gifts from the World Heritage Project

unique gifts

Give someone special some memorable, unique gifts that showcase World Heritage sites.

A precious window into some of the most treasured places in the world makes for some truly special and unique gifts. The World Heritage Project is capturing many of these legendary locales on film, documenting and preserving them for generations to come. These high-caliber photos will be sold as framed art, posters, packaged greeting cards, and calendars. DVDs filled with magnificent footage of every corner of the globe will make for some unique gifts that will induce wonder in its audience.

Whether it be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a beautiful city from the renaissance or a lush and vibrant jungle, these photos are sure to impress whoever is lucky enough to receive one of these unique gifts. The photos encompass both natural and cultural sites that are not tied down by geographic boundaries but instead belong to all people. Everyone deserves to have the chance to experience these precious sites in whichever way they can, which is why it is essential to not only give people the opportunity to see them, but to save them as well.

A portion of the proceeds received through sale of these unique gifts will benefit communities facing severe socio-economic difficulties. Purchasing a high-quality photograph or greeting card will put money into the hands of an organization that works hard at keeping these world heritage sites safe.

The World Heritage Project is deeply committed to promoting understanding, appreciation and protection of World Heritage sites, and through this comprehensive offering of unique gifts, will let you bring home a piece of some of the most fascinating places on Earth.