Awareness an important solution of global warming

solution of global warming

The World Heritage Project puts the spotlight on the challenges our world faces, and the need for a solution of global warming.

One key solution of global warming is awareness. When people are exposed to the beauty our natural world has to offer, they are more likely to become committed to its preservation.

The World Heritage Project is committed to promote awareness of designated heritage sites throughout the world. Their multi-media products and sensory experiences will foster greater understanding of the challenges our planet faces, and encourage people to be part of the solution of global warming.

The foremost goal of the World Heritage Project is to protect the sites from destruction so that future generations can continue to enjoy them. One of the biggest challenges that threaten to destroy our cultural treasures is climate change. Many of the more than 800 designated sites are in grave danger of disappearing without a solution of global warming.

This is why the WHP wants to lend assistance to these communities. We have established a Canadian charity, the World Heritage Foundation, to raise and distribute funds to qualified organizations working to protect the sites and benefit the needy communities surrounding them.

You can raise awareness of the World Heritage Project’s mission by shopping at our online store. We have many products available including posters, calendars, greeting cards, music CDs, and DVDs. A portion of the proceeds will go back to the communities depicted in the artwork. Not only do these products make a great gift, by raising awareness they are in a small way a solution of global warming.

Visit the World Heritage Project at to learn more about our mission to encourage environmental protection, and in turn, find a solution of global warming.