Romantic Greeting Cards

romantic greeting cards

Celebratory and romantic greeting cards from the World Heritage Project are perfect for that special someone

One of the most important qualities of romantic greeting cards is the depiction of something beautiful. Some of the greatest photographers in the world, working together with the World Heritage Project, have produced exquisite pictures that will be incorporated into celebratory and romantic greeting cards. These cards depict some of the most beautiful natural and man-made places in the world, captured and framed like they've never been before.

The World Heritage Project sells romantic greeting cards that are perfect for sending heartwarming messages to that special someone. The cards not only celebrate the person they're sent to, but also the sites depicted on the card itself. A portion of the sales from the romantic greeting cards will protect these world heritage sites from environmental and human dangers.  The World Heritage sites vary in scope from the ancient wonders of the world to large, forested national parks. Buyers and recipients of these romantic greeting cards will be pleased to know that their money is heading towards a good cause.

The World Heritage Project is a non-governmental organization that is committed to raising awareness and appreciation for world heritage sites while at the same time ensuring their protection and survival. On top of romantic greeting cards, they also sell high quality posters, framed art, calendars, music CD's and informative DVD's. Celebratory and romantic greeting cards from the World Heritage Project, sent to someone you care about, sends a powerful message that shows you also care about the environment and the world's cultural history.