Photo greeting cards – a better option

photo greeting cards

Photo greeting cards of World Heritage sites provide awareness and a piece of collectable history.

Photo greeting cards are a delight to receive in the mail, much like homemade greeting cards or personalized ones.

Giving photo greeting cards of World Heritage sites taken by professional artists are an inside look at places filled with history and culture. By sending out photo greeting cards, everyone gets the opportunity to see a piece of the past up close. For those who cannot see every World Heritage site, a photograph is a perfect way to bring history close to home. Consider sending something more personalized than an ordinary, store bought card next time. The World Heritage Project also offers framed art, calendars, posters and world music CDs should greeting cards not be the ideal product for you.

The World Heritage Project is dedicated to preserving the historic sites by increasing public awareness. These photographs are taken to capture the beauty of each site and to educate those on our world’s diversity. International attention is brought to the issues of education, environment and cultural heritage. These photo greeting cards also promote awareness and understanding among the different cultures captured on film. From each product sale, a portion will go directly to a World Heritage site to aid in the improvement of education, environment, medical and social problems.

The World Heritage Project photo greeting cards are available in packages of ten, printed on high-quality card material. World Heritage sites from across the world are brought to your fingertips in the form of photo greeting cards, perfect to send, display or frame.