Mary Ellen Mark Completes Photographic Shoot in India

TORONTO, ON DECEMBER 2, 2006 - World Heritage Project is pleased to announce that world renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark has begun shooting in India. She will travel throughout the month of December 2006 to capture the historic Churches and Convents of Goa and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai as part of the World Heritage Project’s inaugural series.

The Treasures of India project is the first in a series that will span the globe, recording and celebrating the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our international team has selected India as the first country to be profiled for the World Heritage series. A country of staggering beauty, India’s geography is as diverse as her people. Home to over one billion people and 26 spectacular World Heritage sites, India is a land of timeless appeal and mystery.

For many years Mary Ellen Mark has documented the diverse facets of India, with her portrayals of Indian life and its people. Her expressive photos have made her one of the world’s most respected and influential photographers. Ms. Mark traveled from New York to Mumbai on Air India, the Official International Airline of The Treasures of India project, whose generous sponsorship has made this project possible.

The Treasures of World Heritage series is an historic project of the world, for the world. Bringing the world to the world, this global time capsule will bear witness to humanity’s greatest achievements and our planet’s greatest natural treasures. Beginning with Mary Ellen Mark, top photographers and filmmakers from around the globe are creating a comprehensive archive of the most significant and sacred places on our planet.