Graduation gift ideas for friends that are practical and fun

Gift ideas for friends

World Heritage Project offers lots of graduation gift ideas for friends

Graduation gift ideas for friends are much harder to think of than one might imagine. The task of finding graduation gift ideas for friends can be a long, drawn-out process. The best graduation gift ideas for friends are usually practical gifts that your friends will find useful in helping them prepare for college or university. While cash is always a practical option, it is much more fun to think of something a little more creative. These kinds of gifts can also have much more sentimental value to whoever is receiving it.

One of many practical and creative graduation gift ideas for friends is a subscription to a reputable newspaper or magazine, such as New York Times, The Economist, or The New Yorker. While this gift is probably best suited for an intellectually-stimulated friend, absolutely anyone can benefit from it, regardless of their degree. Many college courses even require students to keep up-to-date with these kinds of publications. Reading this type of material can also help students with their own reading and writing skills – something they will surely need in school.

If your friend is moving away from home to a big city for college, graduation gift ideas for friends might include a comprehensive guide to whichever city they will be living in. This should include information on restaurants, popular tourist attractions, maps, subway information, and any other local information that a new student might find useful.

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