Geography for kids

geography for kids

The World Heritage Project offers a look into geography for kids

The World Heritage Project (WHP) is the source for various arts and media pertaining to geography for kids. Posters, pictures, and framed art—handy in the process of teaching geography for kids—are just a few of the many unique and distinguished items the WHP offers. Perfect for grade-school classroom settings, this collection will become an essential part of the method of teaching geography for kids today.

The WHP is a United Nations-based organization whose goal is to raise awareness of cultural heritage sites and preserve many of the world's natural treasures. There are 830 World Heritage Sites in 130 countries and they represent the most prominent places of history on Earth, and the WHP wants them to retain their significance through the use of media. Photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and writers are sent around the world on behalf of the WHP, to capture and bring to life the most beautiful places our planet has to offer. These products offer a rare glimpse into a world unknown in many parts, which offers an exciting experience in geography for kids.

Also, the WHP is committed to helping these very communities, as 25% of all proceeds are donated to the efforts of preserving the many cultures and heritage sites depicted. By purchasing these items, a contribution is made toward the WHP's effort of building a global community, which is an important, communal lesson in teaching geography for kids.

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