World Heritage Events

WHP is working actively to develop stories in several new communities, leading up to an event in the near future. Event information can be found here in the coming months.

Past Events

Bhārat Photo Exhibit

Bhārat (the Hindi word for India) is a photographic journey exploring the heritage, people and culture of India. Since its opening, over 6,000 people have viewed and enjoyed Bhārat. A sincere thank you goes to all our guests and supporters. We appreciate you joining WHP as we raise awareness of the vulnerable places and people on our planet.

The Bhārat Photo Exhibit opened in September in Toronto at the National Film Board Mediatheque. The opening reception for Bhārat took place on September 5th and was a huge success with over 400 guests in attendance along with several major media outlets. The evening was a wonderful celebration of art, music, and culture.

Musical Express Tour - India

Everything always starts with a dream; a dream to unite people through music; a dream to have the finest artists from the United Kingdom and India perform together and a dream to give children in India the opportunity to work with professionals on stage.

Over a year ago, four teams began working to make this dream a reality. Spanning several continents, many countries and even more time zones, the World Heritage Project worked ceaselessly to make this possible. Inspired by the vision and enthusiasm of WHP's Special Projects Director, Shoba Subrahmanyam, people from around the globe became involved in WHP’s Musical Express Tour, giving generously of their time, energy and support.

Through this new and exciting show, the World Heritage Project brought the best of West End and Broadway Musicals to India. WHP raised tremendous awareness of the work it does while encouraging the development of young performers by allowing them to collaborate with professional singers, musicians and instructors. The show's success was due not only to the wonderful performers on stage but also to every person behind the scenes who contributed.

There were moments when the team wondered whether The Musical Express Tour would ever happen. But the remarkable positive spirit of everyone involved, united by a conviction and enthusiasm for the World Heritage Project, ensured that the show was a success. Thanks go to the event sponsors, the wonderful performers on stage and all of the people behind the scenes whose hard work helped create such a spectacular show. In the words of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", dreams really do come true!