Corporate Gift Basket Ideas to Impress, Retain, and Attract More Customers

Corporate Gift Basket Ideas to Impress, Retain, and Attract More Customers

Find common corporate gift basket ideas and other unique items from the World Heritage Project

Corporate gift basket ideas are no easier to come up with than any other kind of gift. However, while many business owners often shrug this off as a meaningless gesture, corporate gift basket ideas can actually play an important role in any business. A business can quite easily keep or acquire new customers with a great corporate gift basket. More importantly, however, a business could also easily lose customers if a business fails to generate good corporate gift basket ideas and deliver on them.

A business must begin by assessing what its customers are going to expect in a gift basket. Some common corporate gift basket ideas that you would expect to find include: fresh fruits, gourmet crackers, fresh baked-goods, high-end chocolates and candies, gourmet cheeses, gourmet jams, chocolate covered fruit, high-end sausages, and gourmet coffees/hot chocolates.

While many corporate gift basket ideas incorporate alcohol (such as wine, beer, and champagne), it might be best to avoid alcoholic beverages if you can. You never really know who you are giving the gift basket to, and unknowingly giving alcohol to a recovering or closet alcoholic might have serious repercussions for your business.

For some corporate gift basket ideas that are a little more unconventional, consider the World Heritage Project (WHP) and its product line of high-end goods that document 830 natural and man-made sites in 130 countries. WHP products include: framed art, posters, greeting cards, calendars, audio CDs, and DVDs. With these unusual gift ideas, hundreds of the world's most celebrated cultural and natural wonders can be shared with people around the world through different forms of media.

Make sure to visit the World Heritage Project store the next time you're trying to think of unique corporate gift basket ideas.