Original College Graduation Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Please

Find out how the World Heritage Project can help you with college graduation gift ideas

College graduation gift ideas are often practical in nature and focus on one of two things: the college graduate's home or their workplace. Typical gifts might include an expensive briefcase, a professional datebook, electronics, or business clothing such as a necktie or scarf.

While undoubtedly useful, you might find it rewarding to consider more original college graduation gift ideas. A great place to start looking for these kinds of college graduation gift ideas is at the World Heritage Project.

The World Heritage Project (WHP) is a not-for-profit media organization passionate about preserving the beauty of our planet's natural and cultural diversity. Through the dynamic media of photography, film, music and other artistic expressions, the WHP is creating the greatest celebration of our planet.

The WHP offers some great college graduation gift ideas with its line of high-end products, including: framed art, posters, calendars, DVDs, and audio CDs of world music. All of these college graduation gift ideas feature many of the 830 World Heritage sites in 130 countries; all of them showcasing some of the world's most spectacular natural and man-made structures.

What's more, a portion of all proceeds will benefit communities facing severe socio-economic difficulties. That is why the World Heritage Project is raising awareness of these sites and the needs of the people who live in the communities surrounding them.

For truly original college graduation gift ideas, visit the World Heritage Project store.