Business Holiday Gift Ideas

business holiday gift ideas

The World Heritage Project's Business Holiday Gift Ideas

You might be looking to send your client a token of your appreciation, or give your team something special to celebrate a job well done, for an upcoming business holiday. Gift ideas that are appropriate for such occasions may be hard to come by. Gift baskets are often handed out, but you might also want to consider other options to make for a more unique celebration. The World Heritage Project sells many products that work well as business holiday gift ideas, ranging from customary greeting cards to breathtaking and motivational posters.

Also available from the World Heritage Project are CDs featuring world music, perfect for giving to someone who has a love for this genre. There are also informative DVDs with interesting facts about world heritage sites. Combined with the aforementioned posters, framed art and greeting cards, the World Heritage Project has a comprehensive selection of business holiday gift ideas. The photographs used in these products are taken by some of the planet's finest photojournalists who have taken some of the world's most famous photos. Prices for these products range from $20 to $5000, scaled to fit the ambition and needs of your business holiday gift ideas.

Some of the money from sales of these business holiday gift ideas will be invested back into the host countries to help restore and preserve world heritage sites. The buyer will know that their gift heads to a charitable cause, instead of solely for a business holiday. Gift ideas from the World Heritage Project are a perfectly appropriate gift that any employee, boss or client would appreciate.