Black and White Photography from the World Heritage Project

black and white photography

The World Heritage Project offers pictures of black and white photography that show artistic value and the organization's message.

Black and white photography is artistic and can display a message to it's viewers. People see what is the issue behind the photograph and what the photographer is trying to convey. For people who wish to see black and white photography with a purpose in mind, they can see the culture and history of various parts of the world.

The World Heritage Project (WHP) has many examples of black and white photography that show the artistic side of the photographer and exhibit the underlying message. The WHP is a non-profit organization that assists in preserving the world's natural beauty, culture and history of the communities. With the support of photographers and many other artisans, the WHP conveys the spirits of the 830 UNESCO World Heritage sites in 130 countries through different mediums, including black and white photography.

All of the media that the WHP designs is for sale to the public and can be made into a plethora of products that range from $20 to $5000. With each product sold, 25% of the proceeds will help to maintain the World Heritage sites where the photograph was taken to help the natives of the country through education and medical assistance. The WHP hopes that they will be building a bridge between beauty and need by raising awareness to the people through their media.

Black and white photography remains as a way for the photographer to be artistic and to express a hidden message, Many examples for the public to view can be purchased from the World Heritage Project. Visit the WHP website at to learn more and to find out about their samples of black and white photography.