Custom Corporate Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility is an area of much discussion as executives seek to meet the needs and expectations stakeholders. While seeking to achieve the financial metrics laid out for the companies we lead, it is also increasing important to show that we are being good citizens and are having a positive impact on our environment and the people whose lives we touch.

The very good news for businesses is that, more and more, we see that socially responsible decisions are not just “nice to do” for business but reap tangible rewards. The Conference Board of Canada found that 81% of consumers would rather purchase from a socially responsible company, and that 79% of employees would rather work for one.

This is very significant when one considers that two of the top common goals of all businesses are to be:

  • The supplier/provider of choice in our business arena
  • The employer of choice in our business arena

At World Heritage Solutions we have set out to make it simple for you to find ways for your company to be socially responsible and fiscally responsible. We invite you to enter into a dialogue with us to develop a Corporate Socially Responsible solution that is consistent with your company’s identity and enhances the value you bring to all your stakeholders.

Some examples include:

The simplest solution is to choose to give gifts from our Life or Signature collections at client events, or to employees at incentive reward trips or other at other significant milestones.

As a retailer, you could choose to carry a unique custom designed item made by one of our global partners. A percentage of the proceeds could go to a community project like a school or well and you could share the progress of your work with your customers and employees.

As a manufacturer, you could choose to source an item, or a needed material input from one of our global partners. A percentage of the proceeds could be donated as in the previous example.

The possibilities are endless and we are very creative at coming up with ways to convert existing budget line items into social investments that you, your customers, and employees can celebrate.

Contact us to see how we can Create a Heritage of Hope.