About World Heritage Solutions

In the face of global inequality, can our purchases be converted into investments that change people’s lives? Can our spending patterns help bring the world closer together rather than farther apart? At World Heritage Solutions we believe the answer is yes.

World Heritage Solutions believes in the power of social enterprise. We put this belief into action by partnering with dynamic, small entrepreneurs in developing nations and helping them realize their dreams. World Heritage Project helps provide dignified work opportunities that change people’s lives and transform their communities. We create distribution channels so our partners can globally market their unique, premium products and gifts items.

Each time you purchase one of our products you are partnering with us to transform communities and change lives. Through World Heritage Solutions you can convert normal expenditures into investments.

Here are 3 simple ways we can make a difference:

Life Collection:

Purchase our unique gift items manufactured by people in vulnerable communities throughout the world.

Signature Collection:

Purchase our premium gift items designed with inspiring World Heritage Project images.

Custom Corporate Initiatives:

Enhance value for your stakeholders by purchasing products that are consistent with your corporate identity. We develop socially responsible solutions for your organization by providing custom designed items for your retail chain, your employee incentives or your client events.