Our Founder

Sandy Reimer

As founder of the World Heritage Project, Sandy Reimer brings extensive experience as a photographer, writer and social entrepreneur.

A professionally trained writer and photographer, Sandy began her academic career studying English Literature at the University of Manitoba, as well as creative writing under the tutelage of Pulitzer Prize winning author Carol Shields.

Sandy earned her literary degree from the University of Toronto, where she was the recipient of the Award for Highest Distinction in English Literature as well as the Graduation Book Prize for academic excellence.

Upon completion of her degree, Sandy served as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Lifestyles NA Beverage Corporation, where she developed strategic marketing objectives and played a pivotal role in bringing the company public. She then served as the Vice-President of Commtrac Realty Inc, a Canadian commercial real estate company where she directed sales and strategy of large industrial transactions.

While travelling for business, Sandy's passion for photography and film broadened. As a result, she returned to school to study photography at Sheridan College before travelling around the globe, building her portfolio. Sandy has traveled extensively photographing in over 30 countries including Myanmar, Thailand, India, China, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Peru, Africa, and most of Europe.

Sandy is a graduate of The Canadian Film Centre, Canada's most prestigious film institute, created by Academy Award-winning director Norman Jewison. She has produced several short films, including the award-winning Silent War, which won Canada's citation award at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. It was also shown at Sundance Film Festival and nominated for a Genie Award (the equivalent of a Canadian Academy Award).

Sandy has been involved in philanthropic endeavours focused on educational programs for young women escaping life on the streets in Cambodia, orphanages in Myanmar and India as well as sustainable development programs for villages in Africa. She has also participated in rehabilitation programs for underprivileged youth in North America as well as environmental programs in several countries.

For this reason, the most important aspect of the World Heritage Project is its commitment to global regenerative solutions. As founder of World Heritage Project, Sandy is passionately committed to raising awareness of the bonds that unite us by focusing the camera's eye on the diverse heritages of our planet and, in so doing, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of one another. To this end, World Heritage Project supports sustainable educational, environmental and social projects around the globe.